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Geochemical Techniques

Pathfinder Exploration Pty Ltd can conduct a variety of geochemical sampling and orientation surveys including, viz:

MAGLAG Geochemistry

MAGLAG sampling using Pathfinder Exploration's MAGSAM 2000® rare earth magnetic sampler. MAGLAG samples represent a proven method for trace element concentration in the regolith, and can be analysed for a multi-element suite using various partial digestion techniques. A recently developed proprietary micro-cyanide leach (MCL) can be used to analyse for gold and PGE at parts per trillion (ppt) levels.

Soil/LAG Geochemistry

  • -5 mm soil, LAG & MMI coarse soil & LAG samples.
  • -75µm very fine fraction Ao soil samples.

Stream Sediment Geochemistry

  • -2mm BCL 2 kg (BLEG) & mini-BLEG(50 g) samples.
  • Fine fraction (-75µm) overbank stream sediment samples.
  • MAGSTREAM stream sediment samples using Pathfinder Exploration's MAGSAM 2000® rare earth magnetic sampler.

Auger Geochemistry

  • Auger calcrete & ferricrete sampling using the Predator auger drill and acid testing for pedogenic calcrete.
  • Salt lake sampling using the multi-purpose Predator light weight auger drill towed behind a 4WD quad bike. The method can be used to sample the reduced mud horizon and be used for hydrogeochemistry of saline waters in the salt lake. The reduced mud horizon (below the salt cap) can be analysed using the innovative Enzyme Leach® digest to reveal distinctive electrochemical "Rabbit Ears" anomalies associated with reduced bodies that can include mineralisation at depth.

Data Analysis & Statistical Techniques

  • Simple frequency statistics, box and whisker plots and correlation co-efficients can be used to compare geochemical data.
  • Multivariate statistics including factor analysis and cluster analysis can reveal multi-element trends associated with mineralisation or alteration.
  • Pathfinder can undertake image processing of raw data and statistical indices and provide full interpretation, quality control, plotting and GIS services.


Case histories using the various geochemical techniques are described in the attached Geochemical Case Histories PDF file.

Details on the Predator auger drilling rig are outlined in the Pathfinder Exploration Manual PDF file.



Geoscience Australia or AGSO
WA Mines Dept.
Australian Mineral Foundation, Adelaide
NSW Mines Dept. CRC LEME landscape evolution group

CSIRO Division of Exploration and Mining
Association of Exploration Geochemists
Fiji Dept of Minerals
National Museum of Australia - History of Gold in Australia
United States Geological Survey
New Zealand Geological Survey for volcanoes and plate tectonics

Cornell University geochemistry
Descriptions of elements in periodic system

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Collection of MAGLAG samples using a MAGSAM 2000® rare earth magnetic sampler in the Eastern Goldfields, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia.

Trimble AG 132 differential GPS (DGPS) and Psion data logger.

Predator salt lake auger sampling the reduced horizon, immediately below the salt cap on Lake Barlee, Eastern Goldfields, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia.